Edmonton based Adam Curatolo is the Producer, Director, Emcee, Graphic Designer and Audio Engineer known as Sonik.

Some know him as a rapper and performer in his own right, but his work takes him places that reach into every dark corner of the entertainment industry, through music, design, corporate branding and beyond. Ultimately, it’s all a part of a master plan, something he’s been conceptualizing, devising, and executing since he was just fifteen. His ability to morph into several different roles allows him to fill gaps that some artists may have in their skill sets, which is a valuable commodity in a genre that encourages people to step up armed only with their stories and a voice. He can be in turns creative director, collaborator, arranger, producer and mentor, shaping raw talent into something tangible, visual, aural and viable.

The reasons why may have changed over the years, but he looks at everything he does as life itself, energy giving rise to new energy. The recent launch of his recording studio completes the picture, the already successful venture offering even more opportunities to make an impact in the lives of young and aspiring rap and hip hop artists who might just get the push they need to take them to the top.

He’s shared stages with big names in the genre, opening for acts like Methodman and Twiztid, and has toured with Tha Dogg Pound while they backed up Edmonton artist Dizzy, and tour managed the artist Mr. Liqz while he was out supporting Tech N9ne. The Western Canadian Doom Squad tour was also a proud moment for Sonik, going on to perform in four provinces during their inaugural tour in 2015. All this aside, he is less concerned with being the ‘star’ than he is with the process itself. He wants to be part of the building of an empire, even if it’s not his own. Much more than attention from fans and sycophants, he wants his chapter in history to be thick with references, populating the credits of the world’s top hip hop albums with all the things he brings to the table.

Sonik’s influences come from many directions. For audio and production, he looks to Stress (Smashtbenz), Necro and DJ Premier for inspiration, Stuey Kubrick and Reelwolf for video and direction, and for music as well as emceeing, he cites Twiztid, Fatty Jones, Kronik Illz, Ill Bill and Sabac Red.

In his own words, Sonik is “a dad, a musician, a living business, a media producer, a megaphone on a soapbox, a Swiss Army Knife” who is doing what he does because he’s pretty sure he’ll die if he stops. This perpetual motion has allowed him to build an impressive body of work as well as a long list of devotees who depend on him for creative input and direction. Lately, he’s gotten into directing and producing music videos. Cinematic and high on both quality and concept, his work stands out as being innovative and prolific, each subsequent project opening doors to new ideas, concepts and collaborations.

Aside from his life as father and all around muse, Sonik volunteers hours to the Libertarian Party of Canada, creating media content for them. As a cannabis advocate, he also allocates time to cause-related activities, even performing at the 20th anniversary of 4/20 in Vancouver, the year Marc Emery was released. He spends his time hanging out with his daughter and teaching her about life, love, politics and economics, and thinks of music and all of its by-products as his leisure and his first love. Even if he had job, he states, it would always be second to the music: it’s his lifeblood, his essence, his oxygen – a legacy that will live on through works that will surely stand the test of time.